Volunteerism Citadel Search loves to give back

Whether it is local, abroad, online or offline, we want to spread the love to those in need and connect with them. Our contribution in volunteerism might be small but we believe that even just a little will make a big difference.

Community Work

Build the Community Program 2019

The #CitadelSearchFamily was truly honoured to be able to serve the community by volunteering in Bintan. It was a meaningful experience lifting up the spirits of the underprivileged families and orphans and we look forward to more of such similar activities in the near future!

Giving Back To Our Candidates - Free Webinars

In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has heavily impacted our local community, causing many to lose their livelihood. As a team of trained recruitment consultants and a top job agency in Singapore, we thought that we could share our experiences and expertise in recruitment voluntarily to help those pursuing a new job role reposition themselves.

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Webinar: HR Cost Efficiencies In These Challenging Times reveals some exclusive human resource management insights you should not miss out!

Giving Back To The HR Community: COVID19 Free Webinars

In this worldwide pandemic outbreak, organisations all over the world are forced to adapt to the new norm and restructure their organisations. This is to streamline their processes and cut costs for these companies. To help provide more insights on how HR processes and management can be improved, we invited top HR professionals including Cassandra Kwok, Tommy Foo, and more to share their industry expertise to our audience on how to pivot in this COVID-19 era and position their organisations towards the road of recovery.

Let's work together to create a better future.

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