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Resume Writing Service

Resume Writing

Do you struggle with resume writing? Frustrated at how lost you are when asked to revise your resume for the job role? You must be wondering what to include, what not to include, and how to craft a resume that leaves an impression. Fret not. Resume Writing Service is the panacea to your problem.

The recruitment agency that teaches you how to write your resume - Citadel Search.

Resume Writing Service Programme Features

Consultation & CV Review

  • Full CV Evaluation
  • Uncover Aspirations and Motivations

1-on-1 Personal Coaching

  • Assess Skills & Competencies
  • Identify Your Differentiating Factors Using Competency-Based Interview Techniques

CV Submission

  • Review Your Transformed CV
  • Guide You to Enhance & Refine Your CV
  • Finalise Your Perfect CV
Resume writing service teaches you how to write about your strengths.

Exhibit your strengths over your weaknesses

Very often, candidates do not know how best to showcase their strengths. After our Coaching Sessions, our Consultants will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will be an important piece of the puzzle that will form an outstanding resume.

Resume writing service teaches you how to write to the job descriptions of the job you want.

Tailor to the job description of the job you applied for

It is crucial to demonstrate what the recruiters or hiring managers are looking out for. Tap on our insights of what different companies want - from your work ethic to various niche experiences, and help them identify you as the person they are looking for.

Resume writing service will teach you how to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Enables your resume to stand out from hundreds of applicants

With years of experience in headhunting, our consultants have the expertise to spot the highlights of your career. These highlights will now sparkle in your resume and leave a lasting impression on the hiring managers.

Our Programmes

Kickstarting your job search journey?

Your resume is your first interaction with the hiring manager and it only takes an average of 7.4 seconds for them to scan a resume. We employ the model of empowering you with the skills of writing your CV rather than writing your CV for you. This is a more sustainable model as you will be equipped with important career skills. This sustainable strategy will enable you to capture hiring managers' attention with our personalised one-to-one candidate service program.

Need to prepare for a big interview?

What impresses interviewers are prepared and pro-active candidates. With our interview preparation coaching tailored to the job role you are applying for, we will equip you to answer potential interview questions ranging from the standard "Tell me about yourself" to specific questions on your expertise and experience. These will allay your stress, as well as allow you to ace the interview and stand out from the crowd. Speak to us for your next interview!

Programme 3: Positioning You for Success

(Resume Writing + Interview Preparation)

Actively looking for a job opportunity?

Our 'Positioning You for Success' programme is a combination of both programme 1 and 2. Additionally, we add value to you with candidate assessment tools that provides insights on your strengths and weaknesses. Armed with such data, you will be positioned for success with this winning career strategy.

Our Career Consultants Can Help You

You don't have to be on your job search journey alone. We're here to help you achieve your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common questions we received regarding our resume writing, interview preparation and job search strategy planning coaching services?

Can we purchase Programs 1 or 2 and later upgrade to Program 3?

Yes, you can upgrade to Program 3 at any time. All you need to do is pay the difference in amount and you will be subscribed to the "Positioning You for Success" package.

Is there any guarantee for recruitment?

We commit to preparing you well such that you can do well in any job interview and adopt a better job search strategy. Although we do not guarantee that you will be recruited, we would have you on file and contact you should there be a job opportunity relevant to your profile.

How many hours of commitment do you provide the candidate who has purchased the service?

We will commit to 4 hours of coaching and guidance per program for 1 and 2 which can be spread over a period of 2 weeks. For Program 3, we will commit 10 hours over a period of 4 weeks.  If you have subscribed to Program 1 or 2 , and then upgrade to Program 3, then we will put in the balance 6 hours. 

Do you also provide coaching help beyond these services?

We are happy to provide any help that you need in order to help you reach your career objectives. Please contact us if you need specific help or have any questions.

How are you different from others?

We do not believe in the model of doing your CV for you. We believe in the model of empowering you and giving you the skills so that you can write your own CV and can be independent, empowered & know how to tackle your career challenges.

How can I contact you if I have other queries for these programs?

You may contact us via Telephone or Email for any queries you may have for our programs.

Telephone: (65) 6222 2687

Can I spread the hours of consultation over a few months?

You have the freedom to choose when you want to dedicate time to these services, according to your schedule.

Can you create a CV for me? If so, will there be an add-on fee?

There will be an additional fee if you want us to create a CV for you. However, we recommend that you write your own CV using the tools and knowledge that we provide you with, as it will be useful in the long run for you to own your Masterpiece with our guidance.

Candidate Success Stories

Learn how our personal coaching has helped candidates successfully secure roles!

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Be it resume writing or interview preparation, Citadel Search has the right resources to help you find the right job.