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If you are looking for a job right now, here are the TOP 8 Hot Jobs of 2021 in Singapore we have gleaned from the Linkedin Report: Jobs on the Rise in 2021. For more details on each of these job categories, read Job Opportunities in 2021 - What are the top 8 jobs in Singapore?

Business Development and Sales Professionals

#1 Business Development and Sales Professionals

Business Development Manager, Sales Consultant, Inbound Sales Specialist

Workplace Diversity Experts

#2 Workplace Diversity Experts (D&I)

Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Director of People Excellence

Digital Marketing Experts

#3 Digital Marketing Experts

Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Search Engine Optimisation Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Marketing Manager

Digital Content Creator

#4 Digital Content Creators

Copywriter, Art Creatives, Podcaster, Blogger, Author, Content Writer

Specialised Tech Engineers

#5 Specialised Tech Engineers

Web Developer, Cybersecurity Specialist, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Game Developer

User Experience Specialists

#6 User Experience Specialists

UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer, UX Researcher

Data Science Specialists

#7 Data Science Specialists

Data Science Specialist, Data Scientist, Data Analytics Engineer, Data Quality Assurance, Credit Risk Data Scientist, Data Science Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Practitioners

#8 Artificial Intelligence Practitioners

Machine Learning Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Corporate Functions Roles


Spearheading organisational growth, our management roles include C-Suite, General Manager and Head of Departments opportunities.


Accounting for duties across the corporate finance spectrum, our finance roles include Senior Finance Manager and Project Finance Manager opportunities.


Generating new business leads, our business development roles include Account Management and Strategy & Planning Manager opportunities.


Creating content and marketing strategies, our marketing & sales roles include Head of Marketing and Digital Marketing Manager opportunities.


Managing and nurturing the most important company assets, our human resources roles include Director of People Excellence and HR Business Partner opportunities.


Procuring and managing all logistics, our supply chain roles include Sourcing Manager and Sustainability Manager opportunities.



Not limited to the construction, manufacturing and technology industries, our engineering roles include QA/QC Engineer and Architectural Manager opportunities.


Our full spectrum of corporate functions across all industries include management, HR, MarCom, Finance, BD, and Supply Chain opportunities.


Across financial institutes and real estates conglomerates, our investment & real estate roles include Investment Manager and Leasing Executive opportunities.


As the biomedical industries burgeon, our healthcare desk is branching out with more opportunities such as Facilities Manager and R&D Engineer.


With the rise of technology across all industries, our IT desk is growing to include more IT roles such as Head of IT and Cybersecurity Operations Engineer.


Contract jobs can act as an excellent stepping stone to your dream job. Our contracting desk including Marketing & Procurement opportunities.


Alongside increasing worldwide focus on sustainability, our newest desk is expanding with roles such as Environment & Health Manager and Sustainability Manager.