Headhunting 7-Step Methodology

Over 15 years, Citadel Search has adopted the 7-Step Methodology for Headhunting. The efficacy of our approach is evidenced by the countless successful candidates we have delivered to our clients. This has been one of our proudest accomplishments.

Ascertain the DNA of the mandate

We analyse your business needs and determine what constitutes the DNA of the role. We study the job role and do a thorough analysis on the industry, the necessary competencies and skills and other must-haves to establish candidate eligibility and their technical and motivation factors.


Define the Search Strategy

We design the best approach to source top candidates for you. Using our expertise in recruitment, we develop the best search strategies that would yield the pool of potential candidates for you. We tap on our networks, local or international, and robust database to find the pool of prospective candidates. We understand that each mandate may require a different search strategy.


Research and market mapping

We conduct initial market research to understand the talents you are looking for before talent mapping a range of both active and passive candidates.


Interview Candidate using Competency-Based Interview Techniques

After shortlisting the high calibre candidates, we conduct the first round of interviews. Through phone and desk research, our Consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of their capabilities and fit for your organisation.

Qualified candidates will be invited for a face-to-face or video interview with us where they will thoroughly assessed using competency-based interviews. All candidates are placed on a level-playing field where they will be assessed and evaluated based on their own merits.

Present Candidate Reports to Clients for Selection

We profile only the top candidates to our clients and provide thorough Candidate Reports for their review and selection. We showcase an objective report of each candidate based on the required competencies and skills.

Clients have found our Candidate Reports to be valuable sources of information to help them in their decision-making process. This facilitates our clients in making the right decision.

Manage Client Interviews with Shortlisted Candidates Using Assessment Tools

Once you have decided on which candidates you are keen to interview, we will arrange a meeting for your further evaluation. Where required, Citadel Search can help the client in augmenting the interview process with assessment tools. These assessment tools serve to give additional data points of final candidates, so as to facilitatete finalising the selection process. They provide better insights and intelligence to clients for their final decision.

Candidate Assessment

Manage Candidate Offer and Reference Checks

Managing this step is the most critical part of the entire hiring process. We have the expertise to handle this sensitively to ensure a smooth closure for you. We also conduct detailed and competency-based reference checks on behalf of your organisation prior to onboarding.

Reference Check

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